As a social worker and educator I know education is a force for change.  It is the medium by which information is communicated and understanding enhanced.  Education directly influences attitudes and values and can assist in defining, strengthening or modifying them.  It also attempts to recognize the diversity of emotions experienced within the the learning process and support them. An education in social work should produce strong critical thinkers who are productive and engaged citizens ready to work towards improving the world around them.


As an instructor of some challenging topics not often examined in higher education such as dying, death, grief and bereavement, I recognize that for many of the students in my courses, this may be their first introduction to thinking and learning about these topics in an academic environment. Keeping that in mind, I have three over arching objectives for the learning experiences I create:

1) to facilitate the development of an appreciation for the subject matter,

2) to provide the fundamental knowledge and tools pertaining to subject,

3) to enhance self-awareness and understanding of the world around them and the people who live and die in it. 

Lakehead University

Social Work/Gerontology 



  • Social Work at the End of Life

  • Macro Social Work Theory

  • Qualitative Research

  • Living with Grief and Loss, 

  • Aging in Canada,

  • Interprofessional Education Health and Wellness 

  • Introduction to Palliative Care 

  • Psychosocial Palliative Care                      



  • The prof valued fairness among students, which was appreciated. She also appeared enthusiastic about teaching the course.


  • The course was very organized and the instructor was very accessible.


  • Appropriately and fairly time deadlines. Very thorough outline. Much appreciated!


  • I enjoyed learning about our aging population and feel that I’ve acquired a lot of information that I can apply outside of class. I have a lot more respect for our aging population and feel I understand their actions and feelings a lot more.


  • This course was very emotionally charged (for me) and I appreciated Kathy’s empathy and support. 


  • Kathy was a really good professor. The assignments and deadlines were well laid out, and she gives you the tools to succeed. The midterm and final did seem a little challenging, but overall I did well in the course.


  • I liked that there was a lot of interaction and sharing among peers in the course.



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